Bonjet Artist Glossy Canvas 61 cm x 15 m 390 g

Bonjet Artist Glossy Canvas 61 cm x 15 m 390 g
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BONJET ATELIER ARTIST GLOSSY CANVAS is a premium glossy canvas for photographic applications. The acid-free, archival weave is a polyester/cotton composite and offers a high consistency and evenness as well as good tear resistance and flexibility for draping. Prints can be mounted easily on stretcher frames without any problems.

The canvas features a slightly warm base tint and a top-end multi-layer ink receiving coating of the latest technology which has been developed specifically for glossy fine art media and can be found in some other BONJET fine art media with a similar design, too. Hence ARTIST GLOSSY CANVAS offers an outstanding image quality with most vibrant colours and richest blacks without losing finest details and sharpness. Furthermore, the coating is very flexible and does not break at sharp edges when mounted on stretcher bars. The back has an unrefined appeal.

Although prints dry faster than on many other glossy canvas media, it should be allowed for a sufficient drying time after printing. The prints have a high resistance against abrasion and water splashes so there may not be the need for applying an additional protective coat with a varnish.

The archival ARTIST GLOSSY CANVAS contains no acid or optical brighteners. It is the first choice for artistic prints, high end photographs, and reproductions for exhibitions and indoor decoration.

Technische Daten

Format: Rollenware
Grammatur (g / m²): 390
Oberfläche: Glänzend
Anwendung: einseitig
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